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Zero Lateral Acceleration

It can be difficult for a designer to determine the orientation of the car that will be comfortable for riders, particularly in complicated elements such as a corkscrew. The proper banking at any point must be determined from the speed of the car as it traverses that section of track and from the curvature of the track[5]. The design methodology presented here will dynamically place the rails such that the forces exerted on the center of gravity of the car will be directed forward (or backward) and toward (or away from) the top of the car, in the direction referred to as the ``up'' direction. This is the direction a passenger may perceive as upward while traversing the track. See figure 1.1. There will be no lateral force, which would push the passenger toward the sides of the car. This method is intended to create a track resulting in minimal passenger discomfort.

Darla Weiss 2000-02-13