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Roller Coaster Research
Research was performed at UC Davis attempting to learn more about the physics of roller coasters. A roller coaster simulation program, TrackMaster, was created based on the following ideas:
  • Create track that has continuous curvature throughout, so there will be no sudden changes in force.
  • Determine how to position the rails such that no lateral force will be exerted on the passenger. (This is not always an ideal design, but is a good starting point and was an assumption in the research).
If you are interested in the details of the research, you are welcome to view the thesis, "Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of Roller Coasters". You can either view the contents on-line or download a PostScript version.
In order to help others doing roller coaster research, the following list of books and articles about roller coasters is included. If you are unable to locate any of these articles, or are interested in additional articles for which all pertinent information is not known (i.e. title, magazine name, etc.) contact coasters@tigertails.com and arrangements can be made to assist you.
  • David Lindsay. Terror Bound. American Heritage, 77-89, September 1998
  • Steve Voynick. Coaster Crazy! Compressed Air, 101(8):24-29, December 1996
  • Roller coaster puts polyurethane wheels to the test. Design News, 51(16):25, August 26, 1996
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  • Christopher A. Tenaglia. Graphical Simulation of a Virtual Roller Coaster. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, The Ohio State University, February 1996
  • Darlene Roy. Coaster Construction. Science Teacher, 62(6):20-23, September 1995
  • Designing the Ultimate Thrill Machine. Mechanical Engineering, pp. 72-78, August 1995
  • Peter Reina. U.K. rolls and coasts to a new height record. ENR, 232(8):66, February 21, 1994
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  • Fred Pearce. Not all fun at the fair. New Scientist, 135(1836):25-29, August 29, 1992
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  • If you're a roller coaster fan, then you'll want to learn all about the American Coaster Enthusiasts.
  • If you live in northern California, check out the NorCal ACE site.
  • Ultimate Rollercoaster is a wonderful source of information about coasters. Want to know where the fastest roller coaster is? Or what new rides are coming out this year? This is the place to look.
  • Another great source of information, the Roller Coaster Database is not to be missed.

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